[webkit-dev] Feature Announcement: URL API

Maciej Stachowiak mjs at apple.com
Tue Jan 28 15:06:27 PST 2014

Hi everyone,

I would like to implement the URL API from the WHATWG URL spec, described here:

I have a preliminary patch (not ready for review yet; needs tests and fixing build on other platforms) here:

The patch implements the API with no flag and no prefix because it is simple, and as far as I know, reasonably well-liked.

Parts of the API that are not yet in this patch:
- Sharing the interface and implementation of URL properties with HTMLAnchorElement, HTMLAreaElement, Location and WorkerLocation
- The URLSearchParams interface
- Making parsing, stringification, and modification by parts match the parsing in the spec (and/or filing spec bugs where the spec doesn't seem to match other browsers).
- The domainToASCII and domainToUnicode static methods (probably not to be implemented for now based on comments in the spec discouraging it)

I plan to do all of these as future steps (except possibly the last part).

Comments? My patch will probably be landable by Thursday if there are no objections.


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