[webkit-dev] On web-exposing features disabled at runtime

Sergio Villar Senin svillar at igalia.com
Fri Feb 14 00:17:11 PST 2014

En 11/02/14 21:04, Maciej Stachowiak escribiu:
>> > 
>> > Why not enabling the feature entirely on trunk? (and disable it when
>> > shipping product by disabling the compile time flag?).
>> > I think feature doing that tends to become stable a lot quicker.
> Occasionally a feature is so experimental you don't even want it in nightly builds - it would cause too much instability.
> But it's true, a lot of the time a feature is ready for testing in nightlies or developer builds, but should not be shipped just yet. I think a runtime flag is actually a good way to do that. The code that will actually compile and ship can more easily be tested that way (by testing with both modes of the flag).

So if I understood correctly the idea would be to bring the feature flag
back and at the same time switch the runtime flag on by default for all
the ports right?


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