[webkit-dev] Proposal: Remove ENABLE(SVG)

Steven Coul (scoul) scoul at cisco.com
Tue Feb 4 05:20:40 PST 2014

I agree, the time taken to build is not really a good reason for the change or lack of - as you point out there, are many other ways to optimize the build process/server which will have wider benefits.

But does anybody consider size to be an issue? SVG adds a fair chunk to the size of a binary - especially in debug builds - which is not very friendly to embedded systems.

( Real embedded, not just a small form factor $500 PC running Windows etc )

I know in general WK seems to be aimed at desktop, big mobile etc - and we tend to ignore anything not directly related to the the main builds, but even on a desktop I wouldn’t mind seeing a crusade to make things smaller. One day I’ll see my whole OS in L1 Cache……..

Steve "Harry" Coul
scoul at cisco.com

On Feb 4, 2014, at 6:11 AM, Osztrogonác Csaba <oszi at inf.u-szeged.hu> wrote:

> Xabier Rodríguez Calvar írta:
>> Sorry for the late answer, but I was in Brussels at FOSDEM.
>> O Ven, 31-01-2014 ás 14:01 +0100, Alberto Garcia escribiu:
>>> Not in the GTK+ port at least, I've been able to do builds without
>>> SVG perfectly fine, so there's probably something else wrong in your
>>> environment or the port you're using.
>>> Anyway, I'm also fine with removing it.
>> It saves some times in our builds and I always use it unless I have to
>> do something with SVG.
>> I would keep it unless it doesn't pay off the effort of maintaining it.
>> Br.
> I've checked the full clean build time of GTK port on a quad core i5-2320 (3GHz) machine with icecc buildfarm and -j30 makeflag:
> - with SVG disabled:"WebKit is now built (11m:58s)."
> - with SVG enabled: "WebKit is now built (13m:38s)."
> The difference isn't so big. But it was clean build, I don't think if
> developers always do clean builds. If you don't touch SVG related files,
> the build time shouldn't depend on enabled/disabled SVG.
> In my opinion the ENABLE(SVG) flag is not to speed up clean builds, but
> disable SVG if you don't want to ship it. There are so many way to speed
> up builds:
> - use more cores, use icecc buildfarm, use ccache
> - get rid of include paths and use module relative includes
>   (But it can be a separated thread if anybody is interested in it.)
> Ossy
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