[webkit-dev] Announcing WebKit for Wayland

Žan Doberšek zandobersek at gmail.com
Tue Dec 9 07:28:44 PST 2014

Igalia is happy to announce the Wayland port of WebKit.
This port avoids using traditional GUI toolkits in favor of directly
operating with the Wayland display protocol. Leveraging the WebKit2
multi-process architecture, the UIProcess is implemented as a shared
library and loaded by the Wayland compositor, enabling the WebProcess to
act as a direct client of the compositor while still being controlled by
the UIProcess.
EGL, the Wayland EGL platform, and OpenGL ES are used for
hardware-accelerated compositing of the rendered Web content. GLib, Libsoup
and Cairo are used under the hood.
The port serves as a good base for building systems and environments that
are mostly or completely relying on the Web platform technologies for
building the desired interface.
Overall the port is still in its early days, with some basic functionality
(e.g. functional keyboard and mouse input support) and many other Web
platform features still not supported. But with Wayland EGL support
constantly growing in graphics drivers for different GPUs, it can already
be tested on devices like the Raspberry Pi or the Jetson TK1 development
In terms of supported Wayland compositors, for the moment we only support
Weston (the reference Wayland compositor implementation), which is also
used for development purposes. It's also used for running the layout tests
by again pushing WebKitTestRunner functionality into a shared library,
though all that is still in very early stages.
The code is available on GitHub. There are also short instructions for
building the dependencies and the port, and how to run it.
There's also additional repositories there (for Cairo, Weston), containing
changes that haven't yet been pushed upstream. In the following days we'll
also be providing Buildroot configurations that can be used for
cross-compiling the whole software stack for the supported hardware.
We look forward to continuing evolving this work, enabling further features
and improving performance on the software side and adding support for
additional devices. As with all open-source projects, contributions are
Regards,Zan Dobersek
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