[webkit-dev] review times

Osztrogonác Csaba oszi at inf.u-szeged.hu
Wed Dec 3 03:13:27 PST 2014


30 days waiting isn't so long. :)

I think our Guinness Recorder is bug110978, the first
patch was uploaded 21 months before. And then were updated
to the top of trunk many times, because WK2 owners doesn't
have time to review the refactoring they explicitly requested.

I always wonder if a reviewer can review a 200-300K sized
patch of his/her co-worker in 5 minutes, but don't have
time for a 20-30K sized patch in a month/year/decade/century.

http://webkit.org/pending-review - 444 patches in the queue
Shouldn't we decrease this huge number?

PS: bug138971 wasn't unreviewed, check the history:


Daniel Lazarenko írta:
> Hello,  
> I've made a patch for a bug # 137299, and it's been waiting for review for more than 30 days now. The responsible reviewer from Apple is too busy to review. On the other hand there are patches sent by Apple employees and committed after 2 hours without any review ( for example # 138971 ). This looks very unfair to me. I was always thinking that open source projects are open to changes and collaboration. There should be some rules for such cases when only one person can review, but he/she is so busy that practically it's not going to happen.
> Whatsoever it would be nice find a new reviewer for my patch. Does anybody want to take it?
> --
> With best regards,
> Daniel Lazarenko
> Developer
> Opera Software ASA

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