[webkit-dev] Changes in QtWebKit development

Oliver Hunt oliver at apple.com
Mon Sep 30 11:49:21 PDT 2013

On Sep 30, 2013, at 7:41 AM, Allan Sandfeld Jensen <kde at carewolf.com> wrote:
> Some of this is exactly the reason we want to keep Qt WebKit alive. It may 
> never be possible to fully replace Qt WebKit with anything Blink/Chromium 
> based.

I really don’t understand this, there are only two options:
1. Qt Webkit is critical to you and you want to support and maintain it, and do all the work necessary for that; or
2. Qt WebKit is not critical, and so you could simply branch and have a permanent stable release platform similar to what the S60 port did years ago.

Currently you seem to be arguing for a third option, wherein all of the WebKit developers need to deal with your port, and be hamstrung by the numerous invasive Qt-isms scattered throughout the codebase, for a port that isn’t considered critical to its own platform.


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