[webkit-dev] Tracking global variables.

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SymbolTable iterator gives access to the global variables.

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Global variables are stored in the JSSegmentedVariableObject portion of JSGlobalObject. You can iterate it using the SymbolTable API probably. 

I don't think that going through the IdentifierTable is going to give you much joy. 


On Sep 16, 2013, at 5:49 PM, arijit chattopadhyay <arijit_nitdgp06 at yahoo.co.in> wrote:

>   I would like to create a map of the all the globally declared variables and their values. I tried to iterate over IdentifierTable using this code.
>IdentifierTable *iTable = identifierTable;
>LiteralIdentifierTable& literalTable = iTable->literalTable();
>//if(literalTable) {
>cout<<"Hashmap capacity : "<<literalTable.size()<<endl; 
>LiteralIdentifierTable:: iterator itr = literalTable.begin();
>while(itr != literalTable.end()) {
>const char *data = itr->first;
>if(data && strcmp(data,"var") == 0) {
>cout<<"The literal is : "<<data<<endl;
>//cout<<"And the value is : "<<*itr->second<<endl;
>      //  cout<<(*itr)->first()<<endl;
>//const char* key =  itr->begin();
>//cout<<"The Key is : "<<key<<endl;
>However I am not able to get the values corresponding to the variable. Is that IdentifierTable does not store global variables? 
>I am chaing the source code for the Javascript engine, so I don't have have to use the api. I would like to know the datastructure(s) that stores global variables and how get the value of a variable?
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