[webkit-dev] Announcing new port: Nix

Geoffrey Garen ggaren at apple.com
Tue Sep 10 17:42:48 PDT 2013

>>        Does your code fix bugs or improve performance in WebCore or JavaScriptCore?
> As any other WebKit port WebCore bugs are fixed when we found it and
> need a fix, our current performance focus is on CoordinatedGraphics
> and there are another team working on get the canvas faster.

I don’t share your premise that all ports, by their nature, improve the correctness and performance of core code.

Can you point to some important correctness and/or performance improvements WebKit will see if it adopts your code into trunk?

>>        Does the simplification you mentioned allow us to remove existing port-related code?
> Not really, it's possible to unite the glib users in many parts, but
> to remove existing port-related code depend on the existing port
> owners.
>>        You mentioned that EFL, GTK, and/or Qt could switch to this port. Do they have any plans to do so?
> No, we can't decide what other ports do, would be nice to have a
> convergence to glib on GTK, EFL and Nix ports, but this doesn't depend
> on us. In fact a port can be built on top of Nix, but I doubt any
> existing port will do this right now.

In that case, what is the benefit to WebKit?

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