[webkit-dev] Changes in QtWebKit development

Allan Sandfeld Jensen kde at carewolf.com
Wed Oct 2 02:36:24 PDT 2013

On Tuesday 01 October 2013, Oliver Hunt wrote:
> > having helped as far as we could.
> But why should webkit have _any_ burden when Qt itself cares so little
> about QtWebKit that it is happy to have qtisms that were ostensibly
> necessary for performance, etc removed?
So if we try minimize the burden to the project it is proof we don't care 
about the burden we have on the project? You are really grasping at straws 

> I don’t believe WebKit should be taking _any_ burden for a port that is
> primarily focused on a completely separate fork in an unrelated tree.
> So could you please say whether the QtWebKit plan going forward is option 1
> or option 2.
I believe that is a rhetorical question at this point. We will be disabling 
the Qt bots and start moving the port out today. Feel free to start removing 
Qt specific code as soon as the bots are out. I would like to request that you 
leave the Qt specific bugs in bugs.webkit.org open for the time being until 
they have been evaluated and closed or migrated. 

Thank you
`Allan Jensen

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