[webkit-dev] WTF::fastMalloc

Geoffrey Garen ggaren at apple.com
Tue Oct 1 11:33:29 PDT 2013

> A 5% regression in page load performance seems pretty serious.

I’m assuming you’re considering the GTK port here, and not the end-of-life Qt port.

Are you up for some engineering work to adopt a better malloc for GTK?

Here’s a rough task list:

(1) Define a canonical GTK platform we’ll use for performance measurement.

(2) Measure FastMalloc on/off on that platform.

Assuming FastMalloc is a significant improvement:

(1) Refactor GTK APIs so that API-level objects are not allocated/deleted by global operator new/delete in WebCore+JavaScriptCore.

	(1a) Either build the API layer as a separate library from WebCore+JavaScriptCore,

	(1b) or specifically annotate each object at the API library with a per-class operator new / operator delete.

(2) Find a fast secure random number API on the canonical GTK platform.

(3) Find a fast thread-specific data API on the canonical GTK platform.

If you take on these tasks, I’m happy to take on the larger task of providing a fast malloc for GTK WebKit.


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