[webkit-dev] C stack direction

Steven Coul (scoul) scoul at cisco.com
Thu Nov 21 05:33:19 PST 2013

If it was code in JavaScriptCore that was no longer used I could see the point,

But since it's WTF functionality that isn't being used in another component atm. I would tend to keep it. 

But then I've always hated ( and been bitten by ) things like "its allways going to be 32bit, chars are always signed, stacks always grow down,  everything is little-endian" etc. So maybe I'm over-protective. 

Just my 2c.


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Hi folks,

I'm currently doing some work involving checks on the bounds of the native stack.  According to WTF::StackBounds, it appears that WINCE is the only port that can potentially have a stack that grows up.  Is anyone still building, testing, and using this configuration with an upward growing stack?  I'm wondering whether to drop support for upward growing stacks altogether.  Our JITs already don't support it.  Any opinions?



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