[webkit-dev] The SrcN responsive images proposal

Timothy Hatcher timothy at apple.com
Thu Nov 7 15:39:29 PST 2013

On Nov 7, 2013, at 2:22 PM, Tab Atkins Jr. <jackalmage at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Thu, Nov 7, 2013 at 9:24 AM, Timothy Hatcher <timothy at apple.com> wrote:
>> On Nov 6, 2013, at 4:26 PM, John Mellor <johnme at chromium.org> wrote:
>>> I've suggested before that the attributes could be combined if that's
>>> considered simpler. My only concern is that most developers aren't used to
>>> putting line breaks in html attributes, so might feel obliged to put all the
>>> alternatives on one line, harming readability. But as long as the developer
>>> documentation encourages line breaks, that could be fine...
>> As I replied before, there should only be one attribute — srcset. Given that
>> your micro format extends around parts of the existing micro format of
>> srcset, it just makes sense to reuse the same attribute. Wishing srcset
>> didn't exist doesn't make it go away.
> srcset doesn't significantly "exist" yet. It's in one browser's
> nightly.  I'd like to resolve this soon, but it doesn't help anything
> to pretend that it's already a done deal that must be engineered
> around.

It is shipping in Safari 6.1, 7 and iOS 7. That ship has sailed.

>> Tweaking it is more approachable and
> srcset's parsing algorithm *cannot* be extended in the future.  I gave
> an example of how it would fail over on blink-dev; I can reproduce it
> here if necessary.

I don't subscribe to blink-dev. The WebKit community are the ones you need to convince.

>> Designing this proposal around code formatting is a non-issue in my opinion
>> and it surely didn't stop SVG from providing just one "d" attribute for
>> <path>. Following the your logic, it should be d-N. Sure, <path d="…"> is
>> primarily meant to be written by software.
> Please don't try to use reducto ad absurdum; it usually gives absurd
> results.  The reasoning for multiple attributes is not "because it's a
> list", it's because it's a list of lists, and would require three
> different delimiters.

Three whole delimiters. What a crime against humanity!

— Timothy Hatcher

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