[webkit-dev] The SrcN responsive images proposal

Noam Rosenthal noam at webkit.org
Thu Nov 7 14:31:11 PST 2013

> > Designing this proposal around code formatting is a non-issue in my
> opinion
> > and it surely didn't stop SVG from providing just one "d" attribute for
> > <path>. Following the your logic, it should be d-N. Sure, <path d="…"> is
> > primarily meant to be written by software.
> Please don't try to use reducto ad absurdum; it usually gives absurd
> results.  The reasoning for multiple attributes is not "because it's a
> list", it's because it's a list of lists, and would require three
> different delimiters.

The "style" attribute is perhaps a better example, as it is in some cases a
list of lists, e.g.
<div style="transform: rotate() translate(); background: red
url(foobar.png)" />

A list of lists in markup is usually expressed as either sub-elements or as
non-markup syntax inside an attribute; Enumerated attributes are highly
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