[webkit-dev] Could it be possble to run WebKit from different threads (not simultaneously)?

Pedriana, Paul ppedriana at ea.com
Mon May 27 13:07:37 PDT 2013

We understand that for various reasons WebKit cannot run in multiple simultaneous threads. But could be possible to execute it from two different threads, though -never at the same time-? The reason for this is we want to fit it within our application's job-based work scheduling scheme so that WebKit's usage of the CPU can be shared efficiently with other threads in the process (e.g. 3D code, AI code, etc.).

When we look at the JavaScript stack base/extent tracking for garbage collection, while it can't run in multiple threads simultaneously, it does seem like it could execute in different threads at different times, as long as the stack extents are re-calculated for the thread upon entry into WebKit. Are there other thread-specific aspects of WebKit that could potentially support such execution in separate threads at separate times? We presume we might need to maintain some of our own tweaks to the code to support such a thing.

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