[webkit-dev] New script to import W3C CSS tests

Dirk Pranke dpranke at chromium.org
Thu Mar 7 15:01:14 PST 2013

On Thu, Mar 7, 2013 at 8:46 AM, Rebecca Hauck <rhauck at adobe.com> wrote:
> Hi Dirk  & Everyone,
> Dirk, your question about this in IRC the other day was timely indeed.
> I've recently written a batch of tests for CSS Regions that I intend to
> submit to both the W3C and Webkit (and have planned more to come). Rather
> than push two slightly different versions of the same tests to each repo,
> and to address how these tests are to be maintained over time, I took a stab
> automating the import and just submitted a patch [1].
> I know this conversation was started a while ago as I attended the WK
> Contributor's meeting last spring where my colleagues Jacob Goldstein and
> Alan Stearns led the discussion. I was sort of new onto the scene then and
> was pretty much a lurker in the meeting, so you probably don't remember me.
> I recall that much of the debate was about handling failing tests, approved
> vs. submitted, duplicates, etc.  Since all I've done is automate the
> mechanics of the import itself, I have not solved a lot of those issues, but
> the conversion of tests certainly had its own set of things to consider. I
> figured I would put this one piece in place, get feedback on it, and
> hopefully resurrect the discussion on fitting this into the bigger picture.
> A great goal would be to have this script run on an automated schedule and
> to extend it to deal with test results, expected failures, etc.
> All of the dirty details are in the ChangeLog of the patch and in the script
> headers, but I basically tried to cover #8 from last spring's meeting notes
> [2]. I think the script covers all of those bullets, with that last bullet
> as "sort of."  I also got a little inspiration from the
> import-w3c-performance-wg-tests that already exists. I followed a few of
> their steps, but had to add a few layers to handle the added complexity of
> the CSS test suites.
> Dirk, when you have a chance, take a look. Review it with gusto as you say.
> And anyone else who's interested, your feedback is welcome.  I fairly
> certain this will go a few rounds before it's settled. :)

Thanks, Rebecca! It will be great if we can start regularly importing
and running the W3C's tests.

(I'll review the patch and post any other comments on the bug).

-- Dirk

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