[webkit-dev] Proposal: Add a region-selectable timeline in Web Inspector CPU profile panel.

Patrick Mueller pmuellr at gmail.com
Tue Mar 5 04:38:53 PST 2013

On 3/5/13 6:41 AM, Deng, Pan wrote:
> ...
> For JS CPU-profile panel, I think a selectable region that allow
> exploring any part of aggregated data is a helpful, that is a different
> view from breakdown details. And it is also common used among profilers,
> ...

It seems like profiling is an area that would benefit from additional
experimentation from users.  For instance, see my experiments with
rsprofiler: http://pmuellr.github.com/rsprofiler/

Interesting that I was able to build this just from console.profile(),
console.profileEnd(), and then accessing console.profiles for the profiling
data.  This only works for Safari though.  I never seem to get more than
the "head" node from Chrome.

I suspect the data in console.profiles would also be a different format
between Safari and Chrome, as Safari seems to be making use of dtrace for
their data collection, and presumably Chrome wouldn't (at least, say, on

So it would be nice to have that data standardized.  Or at least the head
node from the profile data could indicate the style/format of the remainder
of the profile data (eg, "counts" vs "samples" - or maybe "safari-2.3" vs

The last bit is making it easier for developers to be able to visualize
their profiling data however they want to.  For Chrome, I think the easy
story there is to make the data available via the Chrome Dev Tools
extensions points.  I don't think Safari has extensions for Web Inspector
(like Chrome does for Dev Tools).  So, everyone but Chrome users would be
stuck doing the nasty bits I did for rsprofiler.  But someone could write a
Chrome extension to create a new panel to start/stop profiling, and then
render the visualization of the data how they want.
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