[webkit-dev] [webkit-help] [squirrelfish-dev] How to debug the JIT when it crash

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Hi Arunprasad,


Thanks for your tips.



My environment as following:


SVN revision: 65000


Tool Chain:     MSVS+PB

JS test case: I cann’t get the single js test case. But I can reproduce it
as this steps[First access the http://image.baidu.com/, then access
http://maps.google.de, wait 2-5 minitues, it will crash. The crash type is
“access violation”].


I have try to debug it, find that the crash was caused by the jit, if we
disable the JIT feature,  the browser will not crash.


As the test case is very complex and it is hard to be simplify,  so I don’t
know how to debug it.


I try to print all the emitted instructions, but it is too many for me to
analyze, after the instructions were emitted, the instruction will be
repatch or relink, so anybody can give me some suggestion for how to debug






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It will be good to mention CPU, WebKit SVN revision, OS, Tool Chain, JS test
case name(Sun Spider,..?)..etc so that people can give more suggestions.

On 4 March 2013 16:11, <talking1239 at gmail.com> wrote:

Hi All, apologies for the spam.

right now I am trying to fix the jit crash bug, but I don't know how to
start it, can anyone give me some suggestion? 

when javascript engine run some special test case, it will run crash.

I have print all the emited instructions, but the instructions will be
repatch or relink after it run, so is exist an way or steps for debugging

Thanks in advance!


BGs/Felix Shi

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