[webkit-dev] 32-bit WebKit Nighly build APPLICATION ?

Mark Gilbert webkit at gallery.co.uk
Fri Mar 1 11:48:21 PST 2013

Hi Folks.

Does anyone know if the WebKit Nightly build app is / can be built as a 32-bit capable binary app ?

I note that forcing WebKit to start up in 32-bit mode throws an error - relating to a path in the /Applications/Safari directory.  Even tho Safari itself is quite happy to launch in 32-bit mode, and I have compiled the WebKit frameworks with build-webkit --32-bit and replaced the frameworks inside the WebKit nightly app.

I need to be able to create an app using the WebKit nightly app, but with modified WebKit frameworks inside, all running in 32-bit.   I have not had any luck doing this lately, although It did work OK previously in the Snow Leopard era.

The fact that I can select 32-bit on WebKit suggests the app binary itself is universal 64/32 so I am not sure what part of the system is actually throwing the error - it looks like a file it's looking for inside /Applications/Safari which it can't find when in 32 bit mode.

The error is  "Unable to launch Safari,   Launching Safari at /Applications/Safari.app failed with the error 'No Such file or directory' (2)

I get the same thing with the downloaded WebKit and also one where I have replaced the frameworks with 32-bit only versions.

Anyone have *any* idea what is going on?

-- To reproduce the problem, just download the nightly build of the WebKit app, set it to start in 32-bit and run it.


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