[webkit-dev] Identities and affiliation data

Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona jgb at bitergia.com
Fri Mar 1 04:14:31 PST 2013

Dear WebKit developers,

Maybe you already know that we at Bitergia are working on the analysis
of your community [1]. Our analysis is based in part on your WebKit team
wiki page [2] and in your committers.py file [3]. In the process for our
analysis, we have consolidated and (hopefully) improved that
information, in a couple of SQL tables, in which we match identities for
developers (different email addresses or svn logins, for example,) to
affiliations to companies and dates for those affiliations (if found).

So far, this is still work in progress, although we have tried to do our
best in matching main developers (by number of commits). We thought that
maybe these tables could be useful for you in some way. If you want, we
can provide it as a maybe more friendly csv file, in case you'll want to
have a look at it and maybe use it for the project. Of course, if any of
you is interested in helping us to fix any error in it, or just check
your own data, that would also be great.

[We're not sharing the tables here because they expose email addresses:
if you have some way of sharing private information with all developers,
or don't mind about email addresses being exposed, just let us know]

Thanks for your time!



[2] http://trac.webkit.org/wiki/WebKit%20Team


http://identi.ca/jgbarah            http://twitter.com/jgbarah

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