[webkit-dev] WebGL validations

SzymanskiPrzemyslaw p.szymanski3 at samsung.com
Mon Jul 15 04:04:23 PDT 2013


Valgrind shows that WebGL performance is lowered by WebGL validation methods
like: WebGLRenderingContext::validateRenderingState,
WebGLRenderingContext::validateUniformMatrixParameters  or validations in
drawElements/drawArrays. Those validations are done in the OpenGL driver.
WebKit use those validations mostly for console output.

I propose to make some setting bool variable like: webgl_validations_enabled
= true/false and use it in WebGLRenderingContext.

So if webgl_validations_enabled = false then WebKit should not validate
WebGL and performance will be increased. Typically user doesn't need those
validations. It is helpful only for developers. So they can enable WebGL
validations by check webgl_validations_enabled = true.

In WebKit it is a variable indicating to print messages to console so for
WebGL validations this solutions should also works.




Przemyslaw Szymanski



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