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Arunprasad RajKumar ararunprasad at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 10:00:26 PST 2013

Basically WebKit runs in the event thread(main thread) of the porting(qt,gtk). WebKit node data structures will be created and destroyed only from the mainthread. Also WebKit's timer scheduled from the main thread. Are u running multiple instance of webview from multiple  threads? If so it shouldn't be done like tat. You can check the thread id of duration and destrutor's caller if u r not sure.

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Kiran K <kiran.pesit at gmail.com> wrote:

>HI All,
>I am working on QtWebKit  on Media Server development. Basic Idea is to run
>Gstreamer in seperate process which acts like a Media server. The calls
>from WebKit in MediaPlayerPrivateGStreamer.cpp are routed to Media Server
>via DBUS. Media Server implements the methods in
>MediaPlayerPrivateGStreamer class. I am basically doing this to have
>control over the resources like maximum playback instances, hw codec
>control etc. I am able to do achieve playback to some extent. I am facing
>some problems  (race conditions) especially when deleting playback
>instance. From the logs i concluded that when duration() function is made
>and is waiting for response from server, ~MediaPlayerPrivateGStreamer
>destructor is getting called. (some times vice versa too). I am suspecting
>that the MediaPlayer object is being shared between two threads (or across
>timers). Can anybody give me some pointers about HTMLMediaElement  and the
>timers involved? Any help is appreciated.
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