[webkit-dev] "Quirky em" and it's effect on input margins

Mike Sherov mike.sherov at gmail.com
Sat Jan 26 14:24:46 PST 2013

I stumbled across this "bug" the other day and reported it:

Looking at the UA stylesheet, I see lots of references to 0__qem, which I
learned is a "quirky em", but not a lot of info exists on it.
I would imagine this is supposed to be quirks mode only behavior, but it
causes the bug I link to above, which seems like fairly odd behavior to
program for.

Is my bug a bug, or expected behavior? And if its expected, where can I
find specs or an explanation of why that is the desired behavior?
What is the point/reason for "quirky ems"?

Thanks in advance!

Mike Sherov
Lead Developer
SNAP Interactive, Inc.
Ticker: STVI

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