[webkit-dev] Out-of-process networking and potential for sharing memory cache (was Re: Feature Announcement: Moving HTML Parser off the Main Thread)

Sergio Villar Senin svillar at igalia.com
Tue Jan 22 02:03:01 PST 2013

En 22/01/13 09:52, Maciej Stachowiak escribiu:
>> That'd be awesome, at least an overview document that could help people
>> to understand the whole picture and the main advantages/drawbacks of the
>> selected design.
> What topics are you interested in? I could probably write decent explanations of:
> - NetworkProcess: tradeoffs for making it a process vs a thread in the UI process
> - Load interception for proxying - ResourceHandle vs. ResourceLoader layer, pros and cons for each
> - What code runs inside the network process, exactly?
> Any other topics folks would be interested in?

Those are pretty interesting topics that you both (you and Adam I mean)
touched in this thread, but actual information was mixed with personal
opinions I think so it'd be nice to have it in separate docs.

Regarding any other additional topics, what about a discussion about how
sandboxing is supported by the design (also part of the thread)?


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