[webkit-dev] Adding Web MIDI API support to WebCore

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Sat Jan 19 12:47:26 PST 2013

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From: ext Maciej Stachowiak <mjs at apple.com<mailto:mjs at apple.com>>
> OK, but - sending low-level MIDI commands in binary form is extremely unlikely to be the most effective way to get music out of your sound card. While in the past, games or audio software may have used MIDI rendered by an internal soundcard, my
> understanding is that nowadways this is almost never done. MIDI is mainly used for truly external outputs and inputs.

I believe you're referring to the general MIDI built-in synthesizer common in sound cards, which is of course there but not what I'm referring to :)
You can use MIDI to control pure-software synthesizers that are connected via CoreMIDI (or other OS-specific interfaces), or to control specialized pure-software programs like Logic or Cubase.

I would say that using MIDI in a mainstream way requires either specialized hardware or specialized software, though it could potentially be used completely with WebAudio to create something like a software synthesizer.
Still I would have to agree that this is an obscure API, and in general I would prefer to maybe find a common place outside of the webkit project to implement random navigator.foobar APIs and have them work on top of some WebKit public APIs.

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