[webkit-dev] SVG external referencing not working as of latest chrome canary

Steve Williams stephen.j.h.williams at googlemail.com
Sun Jan 13 08:37:02 PST 2013

Hi all,

   I've done a little experimenting to see where we're at wrt to svg
feature set and it seems webkit is lagging some way behind gecko.

Of particular concern is lack of external referencing capability through
the svg use tag.

I attach a simple example that works in firefox for your consideration.

root.svg should link through to object.svg and render it.

It doesn't in latest chrome canary. You've had a bug filed on this for a
long time but it's still unresolved so thought I'd mail.


"We are lowering the priority because this is not heavily used."

The feature is not used heavily because it doesn't work properly.

Never use lack of use as a reason to not do something :)

SVG is important because it's the lowest common denominator high spec
graphics interface across all major browsers. Looks like you're behind ie9
in terms of implementation. You should at least match their implementation
so we can raise the bar. Of course IE should implement webgl but until they
do SVG is the best we've got across all mainstream browsers.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

webkit is behind the curve in implementation of this web standard - please
address this.

Best regards,
Steve Williams
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