[webkit-dev] Changes to the WebKit2 development process

Gregg Tavares gman at google.com
Wed Jan 9 09:38:07 PST 2013

I've got a patch in flight that adds a feature flag.

According to the instructions liked below I need to edit a WebKit2 file

Does that guideline change? Should I remove the WebKit2 change?

On Tue, Jan 8, 2013 at 2:57 PM, Sam Weinig <weinig at apple.com> wrote:

> Hello webkit-dev,
> We are making some changes to the development process for WebKit2. These
> changes were announced to reviewers in advance, and I'd like to share them
> with you now.
> WebKit2 has a core set of functionality that is valuable to all ports, and
> then aspects that are only of limited/specialized interest. It is becoming
> increasingly difficult to improve and advance the core functionality while
> maintaining the more peripheral aspects. In addition, changes to the core
> often require significant expertise to evaluate, for instance to ensure
> that the security and responsiveness goals of WebKit2 are met.
> The changes are:
> 1) WebKit2 now has owners. Only owners should review WebKit2 patches.
> While we do not want to apply this concept across the whole WebKit project
> at this time, for WebKit2 it is appropriate. The list of owners is
> documented in the Owners file at the WebKit2 top level directory, and in
> committers.py.
> 2) Ports must keep themselves building. Non Apple Mac ports, if broken by
> core functionality changes to WebKit2, are now responsible for fixing
> themselves. We have asked those who run the EWS bots to make sure that
> failing to build WebKit2 does not block the commit queue from committing.
> 3) Over time, owners may remove peripheral functionality from the main
> WebKit2 directory, such as support for features that aren't broadly
> applicable. We will not do this immediately, and we will work with ports
> that are interested in such features to create appropriate, maintainable
> general-purpose mechanisms that can be used to implement them outside of
> core WebKit2 code.
> While we understand that this change will inconvenience some ports, we
> have decided that forward progress of WebKit2 is a more important concern,
> and we are moving forward with this change tonight.
> - Sam
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