[webkit-dev] Kickstarting the migration of platform-specific WebCore source code to Source/Platform

Darin Adler darin at apple.com
Thu Feb 28 09:31:15 PST 2013

There may be a misunderstand of what the “platform layer” is.

We should not move all platform-specific files into the platform directory! Please do not make the changes in bug 110330 until we have discussed this.

The idea is not that all platform-specific code is in the WebCore/platform directory. Instead, the idea is that WebCore/platform contains code that the rest of WebCore is built on top of that creates a platform independent abstraction.

To do this, we need to eliminate dependencies from the platform directory to the rest of WebCore.

At this time, we are far from that. Many dependencies on the DOM and other such things have crept into the platform directory.

The real point of having a separate library for the platform directory is not to segregate all platform-specific code, but rather to have a coherent platform independence library that we can rely on for most platform-independence and minimize the need for platform-independent code.

-- Darin

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