[webkit-dev] Making the MIPS builder green - one more review to go

Gergely Kis gergely at homejinni.com
Tue Feb 26 08:28:54 PST 2013

Dear WebKit Developers,

Thank you all for your help in getting the MIPS DFG JIT into trunk.
However, there is one more patch necessary to make trunk build again for


This patch adds a 64 bit atomic increment and decrement implementation for
platforms compiled with GCC that don't have the required __sync_*_8 builtin
implementations. These platforms can be detected in a generic way, because
__GCC_HAVE_SYNC_COMPARE_AND_SWAP_8 is not defined in this case, so the
patch itself is not dependent on MIPS at all, and if a future compiler
provides these functions, no changes will be required to the webkit source.

Please help us with reviewing this short patch. We are looking forward to
your review comments, and hoping for your approval.

Thank you,
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