[webkit-dev] Best practices for landing new/changed layout test expectations?

Eric Seidel eseidel at google.com
Mon Feb 25 12:38:49 PST 2013

I've noticed as of late several different approaches being used when
adding/changing LayoutTests which need rebaselining on other platforms.

Obviously we cannot expect developers to test/rebaseline on all platforms
before landing given our current infrastructure.

But what should we expect them to do?

Currently some folks add failing expectations to other ports
TestExpectations.  Some add [skip].  Some even add them to the (new) global
TestExpectations file.

What's the proper course of action?

I checked:
and didn't see the "I expect this to fail/need rebaseline on other ports"
case discussed.

I remember some discussion of a [rebaseline] keyword in TestExpectations,
but I'm not sure that ever made it in?
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