[webkit-dev] [Coding Style] Clarification about multiple assignments on one line

Julien Chaffraix jchaffraix at webkit.org
Fri Feb 22 14:35:52 PST 2013

Hi WebKit folks,

over several reviews, I have been saying that the following line is a
coding style violation:

firstVariable = secondVariable = 0;

For a concrete example, the computePreferredLogicalWidths uses the
following pattern:

minWidth = maxWidth = max<int>(minWidth, tableLogicalWidth.value());

My justification is that those are 2 statements and thus should be on
2 lines per "Each statement should get its own line.". Some people
consider that the previous rule doesn't apply to multiple assignments
on one line and that such code is fine by the book.

What do people think?


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