[webkit-dev] AncestorChainWalker substance and style thoughts

Dimitri Glazkov dglazkov at chromium.org
Tue Feb 19 11:29:14 PST 2013

On Tue, Feb 19, 2013 at 3:50 AM, Antti Koivisto <koivisto at iki.fi> wrote:
> The problem with ComposedShadowTreeWalker is not that it is an iterator but
> that it is ill-defined and complex. It calls back to non-trivial, mutating
> functions on the structure being traversed
> (ContentDistributor::distribute!). Simply traversing a tree with it can
> apparently end up marking the tree for style recalc.

This is a really good point. It encapsulates traversal of the composed
tree, but this tree's integrity is maintained lazily, which means that
as you traverse it, you could force the update. That ain't awesome.


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