[webkit-dev] Getting involved

Jason Anderssen JAnderssen at exactal.com
Mon Feb 18 14:45:09 PST 2013

Hi all,

With a background in development (both windows and MAC) I was wanting to get involved in an open source project that I believe is going to make the world a greater place. So I have decided to get involved with the WebKit project.
I would like to start of by performing the boring work of reformatting code to suite the guidelines as stipulated on the webkit.org website (and double check that they are still up to date), and would like recommendations to which parts of the project could do with the re-formatting first up.  ( I feel this will get me to know the framework, and structure of the code base well, before I can start inputting my coding and help. )

Any feedback to where to start would be very much appreciated.

Also I have the code all built, however if I ./run-safari I get

Can't find built framework at "/Users/jason/research/webkit/WebKitBuild/Release/JavaScriptCore.framework/Versions/A/JavaScriptCore."

I will work out the problem, but in case someone knows exactly what I have done wrong, it may save me some time.


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