[webkit-dev] How to get patch test at different platform before webkit-patch upload

徐征 xz911jp at yahoo.co.jp
Sat Feb 16 17:45:16 PST 2013


I am handling this issue (https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=78957)
My question is I test my added test code locally, however, it seems
failed on some other platform(get red on cr-linux).
So can I(and how can I) test my added test code on some EWS before I
upload some patch?

BTW, is there anyone who can help review my patch? I need the review can
be passed by next month based on my job.
And I do not think it can be passed easily because I am a new one to
this project.

More Detail:
The added test for this patch is passed on my local
platform(Safari at Mountain Lion).
And I don't want to add dozens of almost same patches to one issue.


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