[webkit-dev] Need help regarding layouting and painting part

85.mukesh 85.mukesh at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 22:30:46 PST 2013


I want to put any kind of Box2d effect on html element. These things I want
to do with css extension. Till now I have done how to get value from css
wrapper and able to store in own created Box2d module. But this value, I
want to apply on any kind of html element or page. Say for example, if I
apply the Box2d effect on Html tag or any html page then Box2d effect will
be applied on that element or page. Now I am facing problem, how to animate
the object with box2d effect, I mean, Layouting and Painting part. Please
let me know how I can proceed. Please let me know if you guys have any
change list related to adding any css properties with its full

I have attached the demo of box 2d which is done with Box2dJS library, but
I want to do it with CSS extension.


Note: This online application will run on Google chrome browser.
Recently adobe have has done custom filter and some other css properties,
Please let me know changelist if u guys know.

Thanks & Regards,
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