[webkit-dev] Proposal: Move CSS3 Text Decoration properties out of CSS3_TEXT feature flag / remove vendor prefix

Bruno de Oliveira Abinader bruno.d at partner.samsung.com
Tue Aug 20 10:08:29 PDT 2013

Hi WebKit,

The CSS Level 3 Text Decoration specification [1] has recently changed status to "W3C Candidate Recommendation", which means it has been widely reviewed and is ready for implementation (so we can expect no further syntax changes). So far the following properties from that specification are implemented behind a feature flag (CSS3_TEXT):

-webkit-text-decoration (shorthand)

Please notice all of these properties are implemented with vendor prefix on WebKit. There are other properties implemented behind CSS3_TEXT feature flag that do not belong to CSS Level 3 Text Decoration specification and thus are not going to be handled in this proposal. Said this, I would like to propose the following changes:

1) Move the aforementioned properties out of CSS3_TEXT feature flag - currently it is enabled by default on EFL/GTK ports, must obtain acknowledgement from all other ports maintainers.

2) Remove the vendor prefix from these properties – probably the only side-effect that I see is that the current computed style from text-decoration (which is implemented according to CSS 2.1 specification) would change to support the shorthand implementation (as currently implemented on Blink), thus requiring us to modify some layout test results that depends on text-decoration computed style.

What do you think?

[1] http://www.w3.org/TR/css-text-decor-3/

Best regards,
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