[webkit-dev] Fwd: help building webkit-clutter-1.11.0+20121003

Jay Bhaskar jay.bhaskar at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 29 09:08:15 PDT 2013

please send complete log error. or  do remove the line no.. if it comes under if block in configure script, do remove that block

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Subject: [webkit-dev] Fwd: help building webkit-clutter-1.11.0+20121003


         I am building Webkit-clutter using Mingw on Windows with configure

         ./configure --prefix=/opt/emo2 --with-gstreamer=1.0 --with-target=win32 --with-port=clutter

          i installed all the dependencies it prompted.but it is giving error.

          ./configure: line 17485: syntax error near unexpected token `0.16'
          ./configure: line 17485: `  PKG_PROG_PKG_CONFIG(0.16)'

           Any one have idea what is wrong ?

           Thanks in advance.

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