[webkit-dev] Is there a plan for supporting multi-process and WebCL in webkit

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Hi Mikhail,
 Like what's you said, now WebCL have some serious security issues, we also try to some approach to fix this issue or make the security issue in a limited scope.  such as we can use provide some high level parallelization data structure , like what's done in RiverTrail . At the same time , we can set a independent running environment for each web application or web site.


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As far as I'm concerned WebCL would have serious security issues as it lets web app to provide OpenCL target code (which is really unsafe),
besides its using requires OpenCL knowledge and hence might be too complex for a web developer.
Good alternative could be enabling parallel calculations inside ECMAScript itself. For instance providing ParallelArray interface for map-reduce
calculations, there is actually a proposal already at http://wiki.ecmascript.org/doku.php?id=strawman:data_parallelism.


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I am very curious about the source of interest in OpenCL on browser. While OpenCL is a great technology, I have the feeling it is not ready for the web.
What kind of applications do you foresee being powered by OpenCL on the Web?

I can imagine some use of CPU based kernels for the web (for image manipulation for example). But I have a hard time seeing how adding full support of OpenCL would not be shooting ourself in the foot at this point. That may change in the future when GPU hardware converges…

There has also been interest in the WebAudio WG about using OpenCL/WebCL for custom audio processing.  There are significant performance issues involved with doing custom audio processing in JavaScript, even in a Worker thread, but WebCL may offer performance and memory characteristics which would couple well with the requirements of realtime audio threads.


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