[webkit-dev] Enabling Experimental Features

Maciej Stachowiak mjs at apple.com
Sat Apr 20 10:03:38 PDT 2013

On Apr 19, 2013, at 3:50 PM, Timothy Hatcher <timothy at apple.com> wrote:

> On Apr 19, 2013, at 6:15 PM, Bear Travis <betravis at adobe.com> wrote:
>> What do folks think about adding a mechanism for users to toggle features like this on in WebKit nightlies? I don't have a definite approach yet, but wanted to float the idea for feedback.
> I like the idea. Having things off for everyone but the engineers is a bad approach and misses out on testing.
> We could have WebKit modify Safari's Develop menu to provide additional items to toggle. Safari provides an "Enable WebGL" item, we could inject more items next to it.

On Mac, we could at the very last use 'defaults write' to toggle experimental runtime-enabled features.


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