[webkit-dev] Compiling WebKit up to 25% faster in Windows?

Daniel Bratell bratell at opera.com
Tue Apr 16 00:59:59 PDT 2013

Den 2013-03-28 18:53:48 skrev Daniel Bratell <bratell at opera.com>:

> On a Xeon W3550 (quad 3.06GHz), with plenty of RAM but a spinning disk  
> and Windows 7:
> webcore_dom: 58 seconds -> 38 seconds (-35%)
> webcore_rendering: 106 seconds -> 73 seconds (-30%)
> webcore_platform: 59 seconds -> 34 seconds (-43%)
> (Yes, better than the 25% mentioned in the subject but this was on a  
> different computer)

I understand that this is not as interesting anymore since gyp is gone and  
Windows is a smaller platform than it used to be, but for the record, I've  
kept working on it in between other things and the total gain is about 7  
minutes, which is better than the 25% estimate.

This is in chromium land with the patch in http://pastebin.com/90vx4sep  
and the script in http://pastebin.com/WmzGY8zs. Both are pre-blink so they  
should look familiar, though they apply to gyp files which are gone.  
Neither have been cleaned up so they are a bit embarrassing but if someone  
wants to keep working on this in WebKit they might be a good starting  

To do in that case:

* Port to the new build system for Windows.

* Test compile a lot of platform and verify gains in Windows.

* Integrate the idltopath.pm map generator into the build system.

* Apply.


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