[webkit-dev] Current status of threaded compositor for WebKit Gtk

Martin Robinson mrobinson at webkit.org
Sun Apr 14 09:10:35 PDT 2013

On Sun, Apr 14, 2013 at 12:52 AM, Gwang-Yoon Hwang
<ryumiel at company100.net> wrote:

Nice work!

> 1. There are 3 accelerated compositing methods in WebKit1 Gtk. Cairo,
> Clutter, and GL. These patches will adds 1 more options, threaded
> compositing. I think we need to simplify/unite rendering paths to reduce
> complexity.

I think that No'am expressed interest in ditching the ImageBuffer
compositor, so that would simplify things a bit.

> 2. In these patches, I attached threaded compositor into webkit1 gtk with
> untidy codes. (ex ChromeClientGtk, FrameLoaderClientGtk.. ) I think if we
> need to maintain 4 compositing paths at a time, we need more cleaner
> approach, with a single interface & factory.

I'm surprised you didn't focus on WebKit2, since WebKit1 is in
maintenance mode now.


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