[webkit-dev] Somewhat painful AppEngine transitions coming

Ryosuke Niwa rniwa at webkit.org
Wed Apr 10 16:20:02 PDT 2013


I've started moving Google owned http://test-results.appspot.com and
http://webkit-commit-queue.appspot.com to Apple owned
http://webkit-test-results.appspot.com and

Ojan and I have already moved the flakiness dashboard to
http://webkit-test-results.appspot.com so builders on build.webkit.org have
started uploading results there.  Unfortunately, the historical results are
still on http://test-results.appspot.com so we probably need to use both
websites for the next couple of weeks.

Moving http://webkit-commit-queue.appspot.com is a little tricker because
it involves moving off EWS bots as well.  My current plan is to modify
Bugzilla so that it'll show two sets of bubbles for both websites during
the transition.

I expect this transition to be somewhat painful and you may feel cause a
great disturbance in the force.  I'll do my best to minimize the damage.

- R. Niwa
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