[webkit-dev] WebView vs. Safari color management

Benjamin Poulain benjamin at webkit.org
Tue Apr 9 21:35:45 PDT 2013

Hi Jonathan,

On Tue, Apr 9, 2013 at 8:40 PM, Jonathan Hammer <jonathan at e3software.com>wrote:

> I apologize in advance if this is the wrong list for this question—please
> let me know.
> I am trying to understand why CSS colors appear to render in a different
> color space when the HTML document is loaded in Safari versus loaded in a
> WebView (in the Obj-C WebKit.framework).
> Specifically, this document (http://ethreesoftware.com/misc/colortest.html)
> has a background-color of rgb(70, 130, 180). When Safari renders the
> document and a screenshot is taken (PNG tagged with the current display
> profile), sampling the background pixels in Photoshop yields the correct
> rgb(70, 130, 180) values. If I render the _same_ document inside of a
> WebView, take a screenshot, and sample the background pixels, the colors
> are instead rgb(58, 128, 182). Example:
> http://ethreesoftware.com/misc/webview-left-safari-right.png
> I'm just not sure what I'm missing here. Is the WebView not using
> NSDeviceRGBColorSpace but Safari is? Is there some kind of OpenGL surface
> interaction that's going on? The above results seem consistent no matter
> what application I test with (i.e. WebViews in Apple Mail, third-party apps
> like Coda, and reduced test-case apps consisting of just a window
> containing a WebView all render the "wrong" color).
> My searches through WebKit and WebCore are ongoing, but I thought I'd
> reach out to the community for a clue, if possible. Thanks for any guidance
> you can give!

You should open a bug on https://bugs.webkit.org (and maybe send the link
on this mailing list in response to this thread).
That way the information is stored in the right place for everyone, and the
conversation about this can happen on bugzilla.

A major difference between WebView from WebKit.framework, and Safari, is
WebKit2. WebView is based on WebKit1 while Safari uses WebKit2.
Once you have a bug open, we can have a look at what is causing the issue.

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