[webkit-dev] Is there a plan for supporting multi-process and WebCL in webkit

Oneal Bluce onealbluce at yahoo.com
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Hi, Benjamin 
        if browser have a capability to run some application with data-intensive parallel computing . some applications required data-intensive parallel computing can works on websit. 
       such as 3D movie,  3D game... etc, this can give developer a way that developer don't care which devices the application will run, this can 
shorten the application development sycle, speedup the application deployment and reduce costs.
maybe the browser will to be a runtime container which can provide a rumtime for those applications that have run on various OS.

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Hi Oneal,

On Tue, Apr 9, 2013 at 2:40 AM, Oneal Bluce <onealbluce at yahoo.com> wrote:

Hello, I'm a researcher and I just focusing on the multi-process supporting and WebCL supporting in browser engin. so I have some concerns about the both features. 
>In recently, Google has pronounced that they will support the multi-process in their browser egin(Blink) which is forked from the webkit. but Google will not supporting the WebCL in Blink.  so I just want to know is there a plan supporting the multi-process and WebCL in webkit. 

I am very curious about the source of interest in OpenCL on browser. While OpenCL is a great technology, I have the feeling it is not ready for the web. 
What kind of applications do you foresee being powered by OpenCL on the Web?

I can imagine some use of CPU based kernels for the web (for image manipulation for example). But I have a hard time seeing how adding full support of OpenCL would not be shooting ourself in the foot at this point. That may change in the future when GPU hardware converges... 

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