[webkit-dev] Chromium bugs marked as WontFix

Stephen Chenney schenney at chromium.org
Mon Apr 8 16:03:14 PDT 2013

I am making a pass to mark Chromium-specific bugs as WontFix in WebKit
while adding Chromium bugs as appropriate. This is generating lots of
email, which is unfortunate but unavoidable.

Should you get notification of a bug you care about, and wish to track it
in Chromium, please go to crbug.com and search for "label:WebKit-ID-XXXXX"
where XXXXXX is the WK bug number. It will take you to the migrated bug.

If you have a pending patch that you wish to land, then (in your Blink root
directory) run webkit-patch apply-attachment as you would in WebKit. You
can then upload for Chromium review.

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