[webkit-dev] Feature removal: CSS variables

Alan Stearns stearns at adobe.com
Sun Apr 7 10:06:30 PDT 2013


Don't take the ranking in that poll as an indicator. There's no way to
compare interest in Variables against the other specifications, as it was
omitted from the original poll and the only data points are from
write-ins. That's what the gray styling means in the page you linked.

I have no strong opinion on your implementation and syntax concerns.



On 4/7/13 9:36 AM, "Andreas Kling" <akling at apple.com> wrote:

>Hi WebKittens!
>I'd like to remove the CSS variable feature from the tree now that
>Chromium has left, as they were the only ones shipping it AFAIK.
>The feature is awkwardly implemented, the syntax has not been well
>received by web developers,
>and in the CSS WG priorities poll[1] last October, there was very little
>interest in the spec (it ranked 50 out of 58.)
>Unless there are any objections, I'll be pursuing the removal here:
>[1] http://disruptive-innovations.com/zoo/customers/CSSWG/Priorities.html
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