[webkit-dev] Cleaning House

Allan Sandfeld Jensen kde at carewolf.com
Thu Apr 4 01:39:07 PDT 2013

On Thursday 04 April 2013, Geoffrey Garen wrote:
> Hi folks.
> Since we no longer need to support the Chromium port, let's take the
> opportunity to streamline. Hopefully, this will make development easier
> and more coherent for everyone. Adam and Eric offered to do some of this
> cleanup, but I think it's healthier for people who will continue to be a
> part of WebKit to decide what gets cleaned up, and execute on the plan.
> Below is a high-level view of some improvements we're planning over the
> coming weeks.
> Concepts we plan to remove:
> 	Layering violations in WebCore/platform, where a Page* or Frame* is 
> to a function Supplementable and Supplement
> 	#if USE(V8)
> 	#if !USE(JSC)
> 	Skia
> 	DOMFileSystem
> 	WebLayer and its scrolling implementation
> 	Features #defines that haven't gained traction
Unless you plan to scare more ports away, I would suggest double checking 
stuff to remove. As far as I know BlackBerry and EFL are using Skia, and I am 
sure there are ports using GoogleURL as well.

For the record though I don't think Qt is using any of that those.


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