[webkit-dev] Thank You

Eric Seidel eric at webkit.org
Wed Apr 3 14:02:16 PDT 2013

I’m writing to say thank you, personally, and on behalf of the Chromium project.

Chromium could not have happened without WebKit and the help of its

As you likely have seen, Adam just posted
announcing Blink, which is a departure from our previous WebKit

I hope that others will see Blink as I do: as a chance to take the
WebKit codebase to exciting new places.  I hope someday that many of
the ideas we pursue in Blink will find their way into many platforms,
including WebKit.

For those interested in the technical details, we’ll be posting more
of our thoughts and plans to blink-dev at chromium.org.

WebKit and Chromium have a long, shared history, and we hope to
continue our relationship.  We will be available on #webkit and
webkit-dev and hope to continue our connections with this great
community for years to come.

Thank you again.


p.s. Adam and I are happy to work with other reviewers to remove
PLATFORM(CHROMIUM) code and other messes we may have caused over the
years from webkit.org.  Adam and I are still running queues.webkit.org
and associated EWS/CQ/sherriff-bot and plan to do so for the next few
weeks as we work to transition them to new owners.

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