[webkit-dev] RenderLayer::isStackingContext() confusion

Elliott Sprehn esprehn at chromium.org
Wed Apr 3 13:18:21 PDT 2013

The function does what it says, it's just not obvious why:


First we set the z-index to be auto for static position elements. Next we
set the z-index to be 0 for elements based on the big set of cases in
adjustRenderStyle, and then you can tell in RenderLayer if you're a
stacking context based on if you have z-index != auto.

I'd add a comment explaining. The alternative is to check that big set of
cases every time someone calls isStackingContext but that might be slower.
Changing the name of the method would make the code more confusing, since
it is checking the right thing just through some complicated process.

On Wed, Apr 3, 2013 at 3:48 PM, Shawn Singh <shawnsingh at chromium.org> wrote:

> Background:
> According to CSS 2.1 spec, an element becomes a stacking context when:
>   - it is positioned  (relative, absolute, or fixed)
>   - and it has a non-auto z-index
> Spec also mentions that there's room for expanding this definition; the
> examples I know about are fixed-position elements and elements with
> transforms.
> Questions:
> The implementation of RenderLayer::isStackingContext() looks fishy.  It
> only checks for a non-auto z-index.  It does not check for the positioning
> style of the layer.  There is no indication that it checks for any more
> recent special cases such as fixed-position or transforms.
> Is this function name a misnomer?  should it actually be renamed to
> hasNonAutoZIndex() ?
> If the additional criteria is not being checked inside this helper
> function, then where is it?  I see some code in collectLayers that looks
> vaguely similar to checking whether an element is positioned, but what
> about all the other uses of isStackingContext everywhere?
> Thanks!
> Shawn
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