[webkit-dev] Catching events in JavaScript and the onload event

Luka Napotnik luka.napotnik at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 04:55:10 PDT 2012


I'm trying to figure out how to give a WebKit program hints that JavaScript
is going to change the DOM structure my manipulating it's tree (e.g. IMG
'src' attribute change). Can anyone give me some pointers where should I
look at.

And another related question... The 'onload' event should be triggered only
then when all resources are loaded and the DOM tree is constructed. In
other words, the page is ready to be rendered to the user. But, as I use
Gtk+ and the off-screen widget I can explicitly 'draw' the WebKit surface
when I receive an 'onload' event from Webkit. But the problem is that the
page is some times still half-rendered (missing images). Any ideas why is
the event behaving this way?

Best regards,

Luka Napotnik,

www: http://napotnik.info
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