[webkit-dev] Experimental features in Safari Web Inspector

Dean Jackson dino at apple.com
Wed Sep 26 14:53:20 PDT 2012

On 26/09/2012, at 6:15 PM, Mihai Balan <mibalan at adobe.com> wrote:

> We have recently been working on some WebInspector features related to CSS Regions. Most of the work was done using Chromium's Developer Tools, as this allowed us to have this work under a DevTools experiment flag.
> Now that this work has reached a more stable state, it would be useful to test it under Webkit/Safari, too.
> So, my question for you is this (ok, that's actually two questions):
>     1. Is there a way to enable / disable features in Safari DevTools the way it is in Chromium's? It doesn't have to be a GUI, though


>     2. What is the general policy for WebInspector features? How and when do they get enabled by default, at least in the nightlies? (Since regions are already enabled by default in the nightlies, IMO it would make sense to have the web inspector regions features, too)

Safari's Web Inspector lives in the Safari.app, so nightlies do not automatically get new features. The best thing to do is implement it in the Open Source inspector (as you've done) and Apple will (hopefully) merge it in. You can also file a bug at bugreporter.apple.com explicitly requesting it.


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